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~*~ Readings by Deb ~ Testimonials ~*~

If you are looking for someone to be honest with you and

help guide you on your path...then you are in the right place.

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"My Life Path /Angel reading with Deb was not only enlightening but also transforming. She gave me messages from my angels which helped my receptivity to them. She also clarified my life's path. Deb guided me through an Imagery Meditation which really helps me to connect to my Angels. Deb is a truly gifted Angel Therapy Practitioner and much more. She enlightens and also educates you. Thanks so much for the wonderful reading! "

Patricia M. of Indiana

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Dear Deb,

"Thank you for your reading, it was very insightful and full of light and positivity, perfect for this difficult time of transition in my life."

Thanks again and much love and blessings, Lisa xxx

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"Thank you SOOOO much! Can't tell you how much I needed that...but something tells me you already KNEW that!"

Thank you!! :) Sally

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"The Universe led me to Deb when I was at a point where I was questioning what to do with my life. My Life Path Reading was enjoyable and satisfying for several reasons. Most importantly, it validated some things that I intuitively knew but hadn't really acknowledged; the "outside" confirmation was exactly what I needed. I also gained insight on where my focus should be and steps for maintaining it. Equally important was the fact that Deb was very easy to work with -- kind, gentle -- and was very willing to answer any/all follow up questions I had."

Warm Regards, Mitzi in Los Angeles


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Readings: "I feel that Deb is very sensible and honest even with people she doesnt know for a long time!"

For Healing "I am a Reiki level 2 and I feel that Deb is a good reiki channel."

Helena of Belgium

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I plan on getting another reading from you in the near future, i just loved talking to you. i felt a real connection to you, once again thanks for my reading and god bless you . talk to you soon, Jacqueline

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Some of these are Healing Testimonials as well.

Maureen Wood

In February, 1999 I was given a Reiki I, on-line attunement by Deb Reasbeck. It was a profound and powerful experience for me. I felt physical, emotional and spiritual power surge through my being. I experienced more than I had anticipated during the actual attunement. The process felt quite natural and comfortable. I will share that I feel my abilities to heal did increase, by a significant margin after my attunement from Deb. I would be pleased to share, or give a personal reference to anyone considering on-line attunement. Please feel free to e-mail me.


Richard Gary Butler, DD, PhD
About a month ago, I was given an online Reiki initiation from Deb Reasbeck. During the entire time, I felt peace, a powerful surge of spiritual power, and a complete calm. Since that time, I feel a close spiritual reawakening, and assurance that all will work out for those things I am currently seeking. I have had some very enlightening dreams of late as well, which tells me that there is much happening, and much more to come. I have also felt a greater sense of creativity in my sculpting as well, and my latest sculpture is proof. It is one of my largest pieces, and it is my best masterpieces ever.


Alois Hofstetter
I'm sure that almost everyone has heard the phrase "the circle of life" or "what comes round goes round". 5 years ago I was urged to receive a reiki atunement but which circumstances would not allow. For the last 5 years I've been searching for that essence, "the part of my being that has always been there but could not connect with", until Debbie Reasbeck performed level 1 reiki attunement on me. The emotions, the warmth and love, and especially the energies are almost beyond words. Reiki doesn't just give a person the ability to heal or help others but a true spiritual connection,that piece of ourselves we have always been searching for. Debbie is a wonderful teacher and if your heart leads you to her,your destiny will be revealed and fulfilled through her guidance. Just remember theses words of wisdom, "we are not humans having a spiritual experience but spirits having a human experience"


A few months ago I was given a Reiki initiation on-line by Deb Reasbeck. I had been having some problems in my life and needed some help dealing with them. After the session, I felt a new sense of peace and calm. Since that time my life has changed a great deal. I am the happiest that I have been in some time. I feel calmer and don't get upset about every little thing. I worry only about what I can change. I owe a great deal to Deb for showing me a better way to live.


Debbi Brady
I have just recieved an on-line Reiki initiation by Deb Reasbeck. It was more than I expected. I have had a Rieki treatment before but I didn't feel anything. During the initiation I felt energy moving all around me. It was wonderful!!!


I live on the East Coast, and am that person who Deb mentioned on a previous page, who was in crisis and far away. Deb has been doing long distance Reiki healing work on me, for a many years, while we have been at our keyboards, and when not. She has helped me through episodes of physical pain that not even strong doses of prescription drugs could alleviate! She has comforted and supported me with unconditional love, her wise words, and her strong abilities as a Healer. Spirit has led you to the Crystal Dreams Growth & Healing Center's web site. Just as Spirit has led Deb in developing a method of teaching Reiki through the internet. Using her step by step process, she really connects with her on-line students. During an on-line Reiki class, Deb keeps you aware of everything that is happening, while it is happening, and makes sure that you understand each step. I could physically feel heat intensify as we worked through the Chakras of my body, while we did my Level 1 Reiki Initiation, last year. I feel that what I have learned from Deb has increased the strength of my healing abilities, for myself and the work I do for others. She recently gave my Soul Mate/Life Partner his Level I on-line as well. I was able to witness his session, which was unforgettable. Since that time we have both experienced more peace, much healing and success in our lives. **My Beautiful Anam Cara...Sister Deb...for all that you have done for me, and so many of us, I thank you. I thank and give praise to Spirit for being able to recognize, to know and share with you in this lifetime. You are truly among the rarest of gems, and I love you as I have always.**Div ~Mechanicsburg, PA~


Judith Richardson
I had been procrastinating about getting my Level I Reiki attunement when I spoke online to Anita who recommended Deb Reasbeck. I had been totally skeptical about online attunements and certainly would not have trusted just anyone. But with a recommendation from someone I trusted, I had Deb give me the attunement. It was totally amazing and life changing when I did my first hands-on reiki session for someone. It worked! In fact, my client went sound asleep!! Since that time, Deb has kept in touch and has followed my development as I learn from other reikimasters and learn from my own experience. Recently, I finally was able to meet her in person at a Healer's retreat sheled in Sedona. She is exactly as loving, kind, and genuine in person as I had perceived her online. You would be happy to trust your learning to Deb.


Today, I really feel good and at peace from receiving my online Reiki l and 2 attunement. The chakra clearing felt like a tingling moving up from my legs to head. I have been a healer (as a RN) for l8 yrs, but really feel that this spiritual healing will help me, my patients, and my loved ones. Deb is a special person, and she has helped me today more that she knows!! I have many personal burdens in my life, but feel with this gift, I can heal myself and others.



Deb is good at doing distant chakra clearings. Using a combination of psychic abilities and healing abilities. She will do her best to help you on your path to enlightenment, using some great techniques.

For Healing Sessions: Some of these are positive thinking exercises, meditation exercises, cleansing, chakra clearing, house clearing, relationship clearing...whatever you need at that time. If you are working through prosperity issues, love, romance and break up issues, past life issues, current life issues, problems with a certain person or whatever it is Deb will do her best to help you break through it.



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